Frida Go


semi-feral aristo, edge-dwelling traveler, making art with legs


 While climates are changing, anthropocene raging

What stories do we leave to coming generations, of the journey we are on?

    This art works within Otherworld Ecology

In relation with ancestors and descendants and other beings unseen in the expanded web of birth and death, of giving and of take with spirits of the land, sea, sky and fire.. of  plants and beasts and mycelium, of stars above, below and within

Part curator, part curate, part cure, this is art as discerning and kerning, remembering and reconstituting elements of a fractured western soul

I work with my own stories, as I’ve nothing left to tell

 Zoe Young tried to end injustice, save the planet, give voice to the voiceless

Frida Go is picking up pieces and telling true impossible tales



Listen to an interview with the artist on Radio New Zealand here: