Part curator, part curate, part cure, discerning and kerning

Re-membering and reconstituting fractured elements of a modern western soul



Frida Go



 With climates changing, anthropocene raging

What do we leave to coming generations? What ancestral journey are we on?


We exist within territories of otherworld ecology

Our lives contingent upon ancestors, descendants, other beings unseen

in expanded webs of birth and death, of giving and of take

of culture, knowledge, civilisation, assault and aspiration

of breath and trade and food and shit and pollution and political economy and belief

in relation to spirits of the land and sea, sky and fire, plants, beasts and mycelium

Sun, moon and stars above, below and within

Our souls are sculptures made of life


Here upon the path of failure

struggling against injustice, for to protect the wild, give voice to the voiceless

What’s left to offer up but art?


This work is experimental self-soul sculpture

Picking up the pieces of a broken heart, tracing echoes in epigeny

Re-membering old tales



Port Chalmers, NZ      
K. Scott 1910, Frida Go 2013      
Photo: Gregor Richards


Interviewed on Radio New Zealand